When a person is named as administrator or appointed as executor of a last will and testament, he or she is tasked with various responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities can seem overwhelming, particularly if the individual has recently lost a close family member or friend.

At Oriol Law Firm we represent administrators and executors and can provide the legal representation to ensure the succession process is as seamless as possible. We also regularly assist out-of-state clients with succession needs in Louisiana. Contact our law firm to schedule your consultation.

Intestate Successions (without a will)

An individual dies intestate when he or she did not have a Last Will and Testament.  In that case, it may be necessary petition the court for the appointment an administrator on behalf of the estate.

The Oriol Law Firm help identify the legal heirs and ensure the law is followed.  We file the proper paperwork with the court and provide skilled advice and guidance throughout the succession process.  If your family member died without a will, contact us to arrange a consultation, and we will guide you through the intestate succession.

Testate Successions (with a will)

A person dies testate when they had a Last Will and Testament.  In that case, the Will typically appoints an Executor of the estate.


Duties of Executors

As an executor, you will become responsible for participating in certain legal procedures. David Oriol can ensure you meet your responsibilities in the process of obtaining will enforcement, which is essentially the enforcement of your loved one’s wishes.
As an executor, you will need to ensure that the following estate administration duties are met:

  • Open the succession
  • Identify heirs and beneficiaries
  • Identify and value estate’s property and assets
  • Pay estate debts (if applicable)
  • Pay estate taxes (if applicable)
  • Appear in court (if necessary)

Distribute property and assets to heirs

The above is not an all-inclusive list, and there are many complicated nuances involved in a succession. David Oriol can ensure you meet all of your duties, file the proper paperwork and provide skilled advice and guidance throughout the succession process. If you have been named as executor or administrator, call us at (985) 845-2227 to arrange a consultation. You can also contact us online.