Business Law

General Counsel Services

Think you can’t afford a dedicated general counsel attorney for your business?  Think again!

A general counsel attorney can handle negotiation and management of customer and vendor contracts, insurance matters, risk and litigation management, corporate governance and even employee relations.  A general counsel who understands your business can also advise about strategic business decisions that expand your business and impact profitability.

Hiring a full-time attorney is too expensive for all but the largest companies, and many businesses simply don’t require a full-time lawyer.  But you can enjoy the benefits of consulting with an experienced attorney for a fraction of the cost by engaging in a fractional general counsel arrangement for a fixed monthly cost.  Choose from a menu of services and rates to control your legal budget.


Corporate Entities and Formations

Whether you are just starting or have an informal ongoing business, you should really consider the protections and tax advantages of a formal business structure such as a corporation or a limited liability company.

At Oriol Law Firm we want to help your small business get started.  As a small business ourselves, we identify the resources necessary to make your new venture a success.  We provide legal and business advice to small start-ups large companies.

Operating Agreements

You and your business partner started together years ago with a shoe-string budget and a dream.  After years of hard work, you are successful and turning a profit.  What happens to the business if something happens to either of you?  Do you want to run the business with his or her family?

Operating Agreements not only govern how the business operates, but how ownership can be transferred.  If you don’t have an operating agreement, you risk having the government decide these things for you through our business laws.

Now is the perfect time for an operating agreement whether you are starting a business or already have a successful business.  At Oriol Law Firm, we take the time to talk get to know how your business runs so we can draft an operating agreement tailored to your specific needs.

Business and Commercial Litigation


Even the best managed businesses can have legal problems now and then requiring dispute resolution or formal litigation, particularly with regard to the collection of past due invoices for products and services. Oriol Law Firm regularly defends and prosecutes claims for commercial clients on the Northshore and throughout Louisiana, whether they are small family businesses, large corporate concerns, or something in-between.

Our approach is to take early, aggressive steps to help the client adopt the most efficient and cost-effective process for bringing appropriate results to contentious situations. Many times that includes mediating a problem with an adverse party willing to discuss reasonable terms of resolution at the outset of an issue, or failing that, fully litigating the client’s rights in the proper judicial forum.

Oriol Law Firm is licensed to practice in Federal and State Courts in Louisiana. Whether the problem is contractual, collection of past due accounts, or something else of a commercial nature, Oriol Law Firm strives to work closely with the client to establish realistic goals, create viable solutions, and achieve cost-conscious results in line with the client’s expectations.

Internal Investigations

Internal investigations are a useful tool to keep a small problem small and a big problem manageable.  Objective and fair investigations are essential to maintain and elevate the morale of your employees.  That’s why you should rely upon an impartial third party to perform an internal investigation and make recommendations.  Far too often, companies rely upon biased and partial employees to gather facts and evidence which leads to confirmation bias and wrong answers.  Instead, consider outsourcing these sensitive matters to an experienced, objective fact finder.

With almost 20 years of litigation experience, Oriol Law Firm knows how to ask the right questions, the right way, to gather the most information.  We have the judgment and discretion to handle the most delicate of concerns.  If you have a question that needs to be answered or some facts that need to be exposed, you can count on us to fairly investigate and report.