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Oriol Law Firm Client Services

If you are worried about how much your legal issue will cost, you are not alone.  Even after meeting with an attorney, most clients truly have no idea what to expect or how to budget for legal matters.  Hiring an attorney when you don’t know how much it will cost is frightening.

At Oriol Law Firm, we developed a fee structure that puts you in control of your legal budget because you choose your services and legal products that fit the needs of your case.  While we can’t possibly predict and control all variables of a case, in most instances, we can quote a one-time fee that you can depend on.

We offer unbundled fees for many family law cases including divorce, child custody and support, spousal support, and protective orders. These fee agreements give you the security of knowing you have top-tier legal representation for the issues that matter most to you.
At Oriol Law Firm, we offer low-cost consultations where you meet with an experienced attorney who identifies the important issues of your case, develops a successful strategy, and provides you with cost-effective options to hire a professional advocate to represent you and your interests. At your consultation, an attentive attorney discusses your case with you, helps identify your goals, and provides a realistic perspective based on the facts and law. Your consultation also gives you the opportunity for an attorney to review certain documents and provide the trusted guidance you need. While we prefer to meet you in person, we offer both in-office and convenient video conference options for your consultation.
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